Bakers Choc-Kits



Bakers Chockits are a popular South African biscuit loved for their delectable combination of crunchy biscuit and smooth chocolate topping. These rectangular-shaped biscuits feature a crisp and buttery base topped with a generous layer of creamy milk chocolate. Bakers Chockits offer a perfect balance of sweetness and crunch, making them a favorite choice for snacking or enjoying with a cup of tea or coffee. The rich chocolate topping complements the biscuit base, creating a satisfying and indulgent treat for any time of the day. Whether savored on their own or shared with friends and family, Bakers Chockits are a classic biscuit that promises a moment of pure delight with each bite.

These delightful biscuits come in two flavours: Bakers Vanilla Chockits and Original Chocolate.

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