Chilli Bites - Lean

African Breese


Chilli bites are a popular South African snack or appetizer made from spicy and flavorful bite-sized pieces of fried or baked dough. These bite-sized treats are often seasoned with a mix of spices, including chili powder, cayenne pepper, and other seasonings to give them a zesty and spicy kick. Chilli bites are enjoyed for their crunchy texture and bold, spicy taste, making them a favorite snack for those who enjoy hot and savory flavors.

It's a Breese Spicy BEEF CHILLI BITES. 100% Canadian Beef, 100% South African Recipe. Dry cured meat with a hint of chilli to give it just the right bite.

High Protein, Gluten Free, Sugar Free.

Keto, Paleo and Banting friendly.

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