Marina Braai Salt Original 400g



Marina Braai Salt is a versatile and flavorful seasoning range designed to enhance the taste of grilled meats in the South African tradition of "braaing." This collection of braai salts offers a variety of mouthwatering flavors to elevate your barbecue experience. Some of the delicious flavors in the Marina Braai Salt range include:

1. **Original Braai Salt**: A classic blend of herbs and spices that provides a traditional and savory taste to grilled meats.
2. **Garlic Braai Salt**: Infused with aromatic garlic, this seasoning adds a deliciously rich and garlicky flavor to your braai dishes.

3. **Lemon & Herb Braai Salt**: A zesty and refreshing blend of lemon and herbs that brings a citrusy brightness to grilled meats.

4. **Peri-Peri Braai Salt**: For spice lovers, this fiery Peri-Peri seasoning adds a bold and tangy heat to your barbecue favorites.

5. **Steakhouse Braai Salt**: A robust seasoning blend that brings out the smoky, meaty flavors of steaks and chops on the grill.

These flavorful varieties of Marina Braai Salt are perfect for seasoning a wide range of meats to create delicious and authentic South African barbecue dishes that are sure to impress.

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