Traditional Boerewors (ONLY AVAILABLE IN STORES)

African Breese


Savor the authentic taste of South African tradition with Boerewors, a beloved and flavorful sausage that holds a special place in the country's culinary heritage. Made from high-quality minced beef combined with a blend of spices such as coriander, cloves, nutmeg, and vinegar, Boerewors boasts a unique and savory taste profile that sets it apart. Traditionally handcrafted and cured, this iconic sausage is distinguished by its coiled shape and exceptional flavor that is best enjoyed grilled or braaied to perfection. Whether served as a standalone dish, paired with pap (maize porridge) and a side of chakalaka, or enjoyed in a gourmet roll, Boerewors embodies the essence of South African comfort food, bringing communities together around the braai (barbecue). Experience the rich and aromatic flavors of South African Boerewors, a culinary delight that captures the essence of South Africa's vibrant food culture.

We have a variety of flavours, including Chicken, Lamb, Pork and Beef which is our Traditional wors, and Beef only.

We also carry Organic Pork and Beef, and Beef Only!

All Boerewors is Gluten and MSG FREE.

It is a traditional recipe featuring the coriander flavour!

Ketogenic, Paleo and Banting friendly.

Available in store ONLY!! Please contact for more details.

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