Ina Paarman Gravy Powder 150g

Ina Paarman


Ina Paarman Gravy Powders are convenient and flavorful powdered mixes developed by the Ina Paarman brand for making delicious gravies at home. These gravy powders simplify the process of preparing gravy by providing a pre-blended mixture of ingredients that can be easily prepared by adding liquid and heating. Ina Paarman Gravy Powders come in various flavors, such as beef, chicken, and mushroom, to complement a wide range of dishes. They contain a blend of seasonings, thickening agents, and natural flavors to create rich and savory gravy that can be served with meats, vegetables, mashed potatoes, and more. These gravy powders offer a quick and tasty solution for adding a finishing touch to your meals without the need for extensive preparation.

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