Knorr Vegetable Bake 43g



Knorr Vegetable Bake is a versatile and flavorful side dish mix that simplifies the process of preparing a delicious vegetable bake. Packed with a blend of savory seasonings, herbs, and spices, Knorr Vegetable Bake enhances the natural flavors of fresh vegetables, creating a satisfying and nutritious dish. Simply mix the Knorr Vegetable Bake seasoning with your favorite selection of fresh vegetables, add some water or stock, top with cheese if desired, then bake until tender and golden for a tasty and comforting vegetable bake. Whether served as a wholesome accompaniment to a meal or enjoyed as a standalone vegetarian dish, Knorr Vegetable Bake offers a convenient way to elevate your vegetable dishes with rich and satisfying flavors.

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